MAJOR UPDATE: Contribution Agreement Form

We told you we would not stop fighting!

For everyone looking to be apart of the mass-arbitration against PayPal, please sign a Contribution Agreement Form. Additionally, you will need to set up an OpenBlock Wallet.

On our “Contribution Agreement Form” page, details and instructions will be on the two PDF forms available for download. Please sign the Contribution Agreement Form PDF and upload it on the same page where it says “File Upload.” Once all the required information is submitted, you will be apart of the mass-arbitration against PayPal.

Thank you for your patience and we will continue fighting for YOU!

3 thoughts on “MAJOR UPDATE: Contribution Agreement Form”

  1. Hi
    Do we need to create an account on openblock wallet account
    If yes what would be the reason I already sign the contribution but I don t understand the reason for the openblock wallet ease explain

    • Hi, you will need to create an account on OpenBlock Wallet as the JustToken allows us to keep track of everyone in the mass-arbitration.

      You will not be paid in crypto, we are merely using the Token as an organization tool.


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