MAJOR UPDATE: Contribution Agreement Form

We told you we would not stop fighting!

For everyone looking to be apart of the mass-arbitration against PayPal, please sign a Contribution Agreement Form. Additionally, you will need to set up an OpenBlock Wallet.

On our “Contribution Agreement Form” page, details and instructions will be on the two PDF forms available for download. Please sign the Contribution Agreement Form PDF and upload it on the same page where it says “File Upload.” Once all the required information is submitted, you will be apart of the mass-arbitration against PayPal.

Thank you for your patience and we will continue fighting for YOU!

35 thoughts on “MAJOR UPDATE: Contribution Agreement Form”

  1. Hi
    Do we need to create an account on openblock wallet account
    If yes what would be the reason I already sign the contribution but I don t understand the reason for the openblock wallet ease explain

  2. Can someone help me with the open wallet thingy and sign I’m a struggling broke college student who got my financial aide funds froze days after it was deposited please help I’m desperate

  3. How will this mass arbitration against PayPal work for all people who signed the agreement? How long do you think will it take to be done?

    • There is no telling how long the process will take. As long as you signed the contribution agreement and signed up for OpenBlock Wallet, you will be added to the mass arbitration.

  4. They held nearly $100,000 for 6 months without explanation and now they are holding $10,000 for absolutely no reason. Needless to say, we are no longer using them for ecom, they lost a long term and high throughput customer because of this.

    • Thank you for the inquiry, but we need a bit more information before we can be of help.

      Did PayPal claim you violated their acceptable use policy? (AUP)
      If so, did the investigation period pass (180 days)?
      What is the amount taken from your account?
      The date that the funds initially were stolen?
      When did PayPal take your funds permanently?
      Lastly was some of your money returned?

      Thank you for trusting The Bensamochan Law Firm Inc. with this matter.

  5. There are challenges setting up the Gnosis account. There is no “+” to add the token and I’ve searched the site over to find another way and there doesn’t seem to be one. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • This is an occasional issue, but you can actually still access your GNOSIS wallet address, it is still in the same place.

  6. PayPal froze my personal account with $815.53 claiming that I was a business and demanding all sorts of financial plans that do not exist, and it took me several months, multiple complaints, hours of phone calls, etc. for them to reverse course. Do I qualify?

      • Hi Eric. Do you only work with cases in the US? I’m based in Germany. Frozen account (13,000 odd Euro) – prepayment business for established keyboard manufacturer. Just under 4 weeks have passed, but urgently require the funds.

      • They did eventually unlock my account, but never explained why it was locked in the first place or why they decided to reverse course. I kept being told I’d hear back from them within days and it was high priority for the “back office” but I never heard anything and then one day months later got an email my account’s restrictions were lifted.

        • We are sorry that occurred, but we only can represent people who still have their money taken. If your money was given back, that does not coincide with the commonality of our mass arbitration case.

  7. I’m confused about the whole process to join suit against Paypal ( ie they unilaterally STOLE $970 from me without any due process )…any way can you advise the procedure step by step what all I have to do to to get at them, please ?

  8. Hello.
    Before 3 days PayPal hold my founts (12.650 Euros saying for 180 days) and block my account for the violated their acceptable use policy but is not say exact the reason.
    I am from Greece.
    What can i do?
    I must wait for 180 days first?

    • There is always a chance that PayPal returns the funds within the 180 day time frame. Its usually best to wait after that period, but you are welcome to sign up still. If you do sign up, and PayPal returns your funds, please let me know.

  9. How is the progress going? I signed everything and set the wallet but I don’ know if I did them right. Can you please check that for me?

  10. Hello, I joined to your mass arbitration.
    I wanted to keep my money from inflation of our national currency and transferred money to PayPal account 2000$ and Paypal had frozen it for 180 days.
    On 160th day PayPal transferred all amount to own balance.
    The support told me to « To request information about a customer’s PayPal account, an attorney or law enforcement officer must submit a legal subpoena. »

    I didn’t read this agreement when I registered. I can’t image that PayPal can take my money without any explanation.
    I really need this money in this hard times.
    I’m from Ukraine.

  11. Hi
    Thank you for your help you guys you re awesome was wondering the case that arbitration initiated against paypal is almost a year old I will love to know if there s a progress I received a email from your office asking to register using the crypto coins I ve done it already I would love to know the status of the case and thanks again

  12. PayPal just started out of the blue last week withholding half of every payment I receive and told me I will get it back after they held it for 180 days!!!!! I keep demanding a sound reason why and all I get is lies, different answers, and que card responses. They currently have $337 of my money, but as payments continue to come in they will continue to steal half.

    • I am sorry that PayPal has caused this financial stress; feel free to fill out the contribution agreement form if you want to join the mass arbitration. You would qualify as a claimant based on the situation you described.

  13. We are a small shop in the Uk (trading over 27 years). For years our Card payments were processed by the Swedish company izettle without any problems, however about a year ago they were taken over by Paypal.
    Out of the blue paypal stopped sending to our bank account all the card terminal transactions from the shop. Its been impossible to talk or communicate to anyone at Paypal who now owe us £2300 for card payments. The average sale is only about £5 so that is around 460 customers for whom we hold no details.
    Today finally managed to talk to Paypal who said our funds were being withheld pending us faxing them confirmation from each customer they received the items and were happy with them. This is impossible as we only see a customer for 5-10 minutes and never do we hold any of their personal data. We want to sue now and not wait a ridiculous 6 months. Is it possible to join your class action?

    • We are sorry that happened to you.

      Unfortunately, if PayPal did not take your funds due to a supposed “violation of their Acceptable Use Policy,” then you will not qualify to join the mass arbitration.

      Additionally, if they did state that, we would suggest that you wait till after the 6 month period as there is a chance they return your money.

      If I have misrepresented your situation then please reply and specify otherwise. We apologize for not being of help regarding this matter.

      Thank you for your time.

  14. Hi Eric,
    What’s the timeline like?
    Can you put it on the website so people who come late know if they still can join the action.

    • There is no concrete timeline but you are still able to join if you would like to.

      If you are still interested in joining I would fill out the contribution agreement form ASAP.


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