4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Filed Opposition to Motion To Compel Arbitration with Declarations”

  1. Hi
    I m frank james and I sent my informations to you guys related to this case
    My funds were seized close to $20000 I was selling on ebay and I went out of business because of paypal please let me know about the class action update
    Thank you for your help

    • We have received your information, and we have you on file. We will contact you with any personal updates!

  2. My PayPal account was frozen in June of 2021. I’ve processed payments with PayPal since 2006. My account was placed on 180 day hold. 180 day period has since passed, and not only can I not access my funds, my PayPal account is no longer active, so I cannot even access my financial records. I have submitted a form, and contacted your law firm on multiple occasions, I have been told to refer to this website.

    • We have your information. Currently there is no response needed. General updates will be posted on here and personal updates will come through via email with ample time. This will be a long process so please allow for time between responses.


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