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Various news corporations reported about the PayPal Class Action

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“PayPal Sued for Freezing Customer Accounts Without Explanation”

By Joe Schneider 14. Januar 2022, 00:05 MEZ

PayPal Holdings Inc., a popular digital payment platform, violated racketeering laws by freezing customer money and refusing to provide an explanation for the move, three account holders alleged in a federal lawsuit.

PayPal, which has an estimated 325 million account holders worldwide, put a hold of as long as six months on funds for alleged violations of its 65-page user agreement, according to the complaint filed Thursday in California. 

Source: Bloomberg


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“PayPal faces lawsuit for freezing customer accounts and funds

Mariella Moon Associate Editor Fri, January 14, 2022, 8:31 AM

Three PayPal users who’ve allegedly had their accounts frozen and funds taken by the company without explanation have filed a federal lawsuit against the online payment service. The plaintiffs — two users from California and one from Chicago — are accusing the company of unlawfully seizing their personal property and violating racketeering laws. They’re now proposing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all other users who’ve had their accounts frozen before and are seeking restitution, as well as punitive and exemplary damages.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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on Night Court

Jan. 15, 2022 – 4:11 – Criminal defense attorneys Brian Claypool and Andell Brown debate whether PayPal’s terms of service protect the payment service platform from a frozen funds seizure

Source: Fox News / YouTube account of Brian Claypool (on the right)

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